DNA Energy Drinks

Tired of all those other energy drinks that give you a quick pick me up but leave you feeling burned out and even more tired afterwards?  Need a refreshing burst of nutritious B vitamins and a blast of thirst quenching flavors? Then you’ll want to grab a can of DNA Energy!

Winner 2 out of 3 years, 2010 and 2012 in the World Beverage Competition Platinum “Best of Show” awards pretty much says it all.

Each year more than 20,000 beverage brands from around the globe compete in the World Beverage competition, the only world-wide competition beverage event in hopes of receiving one of only four coveted awards bestowed within each brand classification.  The World Beverage Competition was founded on the premise that beverage products should be judged not by the strength of their market or the budget of their sales force, but rather on the quality and innovation of the product itself.  These Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are often imprinted directly on the labels of the products that have earned them a “medal of honor” for the brand.

Be a part of the DNA Energy Drink Revolution. Welcome to DNA Brands Inc.


Cellular Citrus Zero Sugar

Same great taste as our full flavored version, but lighter. Our zero sugar taste great without the aftertaste that is commonly found in sugarless drinks. Sweetened with sucralose.

Cellular Citrus

We’ve taken the delicious aroma of oranges and the sweet refreshing taste of tangerines and combined them to make this truly unique blend of performance. It’s no wonder why Cellular Citrus has won “The worlds best tasting energy drink award” twice in the last three years.

Cryo Berry

Ice cold and ready to drink! The name alone screams refreshing. This fine mix of cranberries and raspberries will send you on your way to productivity with a smile on your face. Very smooth and pleasing to the pallet makes CRYO BERRY a blast to drink.

Molecular Melon

This offering is one of our favorites. It’s like sitting on top of a mountain and enjoying the cool refreshing dew early in the morning. MOLECULAR MELON’s taste is so mellow that we had to make the liquid inside the can yellow!