About Us

Adrian M. Patasar, CEO

Adrian Patasar has over 15 years working in the public markets, in various capacities. Holding a BA in Economics from the University of Western Ontario, Mr. Patasar has applied both his theoretical and hands-on technical skills to build and create shareholder value in the public company space.

From 1999-2009 Adrian acted in a brokerage capacity, with several middle-market brokerage firms in South Florida. Following the collapse of the equity markets of 2008-2009, Mr. Patasar shifted his focus and efforts, as an independent contractor, to working in a non-broker dealer capacity, working hands-on, with public companies, in many capacities.

Mr. Patasar has worn various hats, in the public markets arena, such as but not limited to, shareholder build-out, working with Investment Bankers, sales, marketing, investing, working with shareholders, management, and advertising. Currently, Mr. Patasar is involved with several public companies spanning various sectors.

Andrew Ferrin, COO

Andrew Ferrin is Chief Executive Officer and founder of The Solar Elite (OTC: DNAX). Andrew perfected the energy efficiency model that we utilize today with his many years of working in the field to see what worked best to help homeowners.

The man behind the plan to bring honesty to the Florida Solar Industry. Andrew has been working in the solar field for five years and in the construction field since the age of 14. Before founding The Solar Elite, Andrew worked with many of the leading companies in the South Florida solar market only to realize that homeowners deserved more! More honesty. More transparency.

Inefficiencies and excuses seem to plague the marketplace and as a native South Floridian, Andrew felt it was his duty to help protect homeowners and educate them on the power and value switching to clean solar energy brings them.

Based on the pillars of honesty and integrity, Andrew wants homeowners to hear honest information without slick sales schemes, unrealistic offers, and high-pressure sales tactics.

With more than one million dollars of Solar Power sold within the first year, The Solar Elite looks to continue facilitating the energy revolution that is taking place across the country. 

In his free time, Andrew brings his competitive spirit to the boxing arena, training in the ring since he was a teenager. He also enjoys skydiving, jet skiing, and other adrenaline-fueled endeavors.